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Bert Denneman - BirdLife Netherlands

To develop sound bird conservation policies and to implement effective conservation and mitigation measures, it is increasingly urgent to fully understand the dynamics of bird populations, and how bird survival, reproduction and population trends are affected by anthropogenic changes.

In Vogelbescherming/BirdLife Netherlands (VBNL) we learned research and collaboration to be essential for our goal to arrive at science-based conservation and to efficiently and effectively reach conservation impact with limited funds. That is why VBNL started a science & conservation evidence program mid-2012 and co-founded the Centre for Avian Population Studies (CAPS) mid-2013. In CAPS we collaborate with four research institutions; our aim is to get an accurate understanding of the drivers in population dynamics, and translate this understanding into sound conservation action.

Leading VBNL’s Science- & Conservation Evidence Program since its inception, my task is matching research, data collecting & analysis by CAPS partners, universities, institutions and scientists with the needs of my VBNL colleagues dealing with challenging conservation issues every day. By initiating, encouraging and supporting applied ecological research, monitoring programs, data analysis and conservation reviews we aim to make available best knowledge on status, threats, and conservation evidence to be utilized in VBNL’s Conservation schemes.

In addition to my role in VBNLs Science Program I’m in charge of developing and maintaining VBNLs partnership with the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance and other Conservation Organizations in the Dutch Caribbean. It’s a privilege to co-operate with this dedicated colleagues and supporting them in safeguarding nature & environment in The Biodiversity Hotspot of the Kingdom.

Before I came to VBNL I was employed over a decade at the secretariat of The Dutch Council for Nature Conservation (a scientific Advisory Board for our National Government; later: Council for the Rural Areas) I started my career during the early 80’s in site management (Staatsbosbeheer; Rijkswaterstaat) and in Conservation Policies (former Conservation department (NMF) at the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Conservation and Fisheries.

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